Located in South Jordan, Sharlie's Treat's is a purveyor of fine pastries, baked goods, and deserts. 

Meet our Chef Sharlie Weber

Sharlie has been in the business of good food since 2003. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, she worked at various fine dining restaurants in NYC and Salt Lake City. In 2016 Sharlies Treat's was born IN MIDVALE UTAH. 

Although I love cooking savory foods, I have discovered that I love working with desserts, especially macarons.  I love the the sense of finesse that you need when you work with macarons, and the happiness they bring to my friends and family that get to eat them. I like thinking out of the box, but in the shape of a circle. 

I don’t use artificial food coloring, because it has been found to cause a variety of negative health effects, like hyperactivity in children, headaches, cancer, and allergic reactions, to name a few.  My boys are already full of energy…they don’t need added hyperactivity “juice.”  Yikes!

The added bonus of not using artificial foods or ingredients, is that it’s a fun challenge to figure out how to MAKE the colors with REAL foods.  It sure is more time consuming, but I really do enjoy the challenge to be more creative.

When I think of flavors, I don’t look at the internet for inspiration.  I feel it takes away my creativity.  I like to go to the store and imagine how that vegetable can become a cookie.  Or even better…how my DINNER can become a bite-sized yumminess.  Since I am technically trained in mainly savory cooking, that is where I tend to find my inspiration…in my own cooking, then I attempt to transfer that into my baking.

Made with 100% All Natural Love