All Natural Treats made with Real Food! 

At Sharlie's Treats, we challenge ourselves to use only organic, all natural, local, non-GMO and Real products. No artificial ingredients welcome here! Much care goes into each and every yummy treat. That delicious Kale powder? We make it fresh ourselves. Each layer of buttercream, carefully piped and filled with love. Baked to perfection, because thats what we're about! We hope you enjoy the treats as much as we enjoyed making them fresh for you. 

Check out our delicious treats below



French Macaron

Are you ready for your taste buds to experience Macarons in a whole new flavor? These treats aren't going to look, or taste, like anything you have seen or tasted before. Made with real foods and never artificial food coloring. Get ready to explore ingredients that will change the way you look at dessert. They are savory, sweet, unique, and come in 3 yummy sizes: S - 1/2 inch, M - 1.5 inch & L- 4 inch. Sizes will vary slightly as these are handmade.

Black Sesame. $.50 - S, $2 - M, $5 - L

Chia Seed w/ Maple Syrup

Kale and Honey

Gochujang w/ Sesame Oil 

Hazelnut Ganache

Hazelnut Ganache

Salmon Skin and Miso

Vanilla Bean




These yummy Marshmallows are pillowy soft, with a thin crunch you didn't know your life was missing. We give you roughly 3 inches of obey-goey perfection, made without corn syrup or artificial food coloring, and only the truest and most delicious ingredients, like organic fruits and pasture raised gelatin. They come in Original, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, the possibilities are endless really. The real foods they are made with make a huge impact on these lighter than life Marshmallows. 



Chocolate Brownie

All brownies are made with.... oh, and lots of butter :)




Our twist on the traditional outdoor treat. We layer either a vanilla or strawberry marshmallow with a chocolate brownie inside. Then toast the marshmallow and sandwich between 2 buttery shortbread crackers...yum yum :)