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Thoughtfully made artisinal treats

no artificial food coloring. all natural ingredients.


Your Favorite Treats Done Right

We believe that treats should not be overly sweet and artificially colored.  Balance the sweet with savory notes to grab your taste buds.  Staying true to the source of the flavors without hiding behind bright artificial food coloring.  Sharlie takes the extra step to make the flavors and colors you see, on top of being thoughtful about where the ingredients come from.  Come and try our Treats and you will agree, it is an awakening to your mouth.

Finest Ingredients

Organic Sugar

Butter from Pasture-Raised Cows

Organic Cage-Free Eggs

Locally Milled Organic Flour

Gelatin from Pasture-Raised Cows

No Corn Syrup

Local Organic Raw Chocolate

Organically Grown Vanilla Beans

Organic Cream (with no additives)

Real Salt™

Locally made treats in UTAH


Sharlie says “Hi!”

About Sharlie


News & Updates

► Large quantity orders page has been created. Check it out to plan for your next special event!

Also…FREE Delivery for all Daybreak residents :) 

► Unfortunately, at this time, we do not do custom orders that involve specialty flavors, colors, or allergy/diet specifications.