My background is mostly in COOKING savory foods.  I attended culinary school in New York City, and worked and volunteered at various restaurants and well-known events in the city.  I came back to Salt Lake City and was very fortunate to work at great fine-dining restaurants here.

After becoming a mom of 3 boys, I started to be more conscientious about the quality of ingredients that I use in my cooking.  The main reason why I don’t use artificial food coloring, without going into a health lecture, is because it has been found to cause a variety of negative health effects.

But the added bonus of not using artificial food coloring is that it’s a fun challenge to figure out how to MAKE the colors with REAL foods.  It sure is more time consuming, but I really do enjoy the challenge to be more creative.  Since I am technically trained in mainly savory cooking, that is where I tend to find my inspiration…in my own cooking.